Enhanced Ember Mimosa tooling and a New Ember Skeleton

TL;DR I'm going to talk through a few new Mimosa modules that solve some tooling gaps with Ember, and then I'll quickly discuss a new Mimosa skeleton that brings it all together. You can, though, skip the jibber-jabber and get straight to the new Ember skeleton and check out []

Bumping require.js to latest, but not in Mimosa, yet

Earlier today I released version 3.0.0 of mimosa-require, but I will not be including that version as a default dependency of Mimosa yet. The version of mimosa-require included with Mimosa by default is 2.2.2. The only significant difference between 2.2.2 and 3.0.0 []

Mimosa 2.3 Released

Today I released Mimosa 2.3. After 21 point releases on 2.2, this marks the first non-patch release in awhile. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect. Fix for Chrome + CSS Live Reload Mimosa's live reload module is capable of updating CSS without needing to reload the page []

Mimosa vs Gulp/Cake/Grunt/Broccoli?

@mycozycloud put together a blog post a few days back that compared Grunt vs Cake vs Gulp vs Broccoli. It filled up my Twitter feed yesterday. JavaScript Daily posted it. It blew up more. The winner? Broccoli. Why? It’s the most flexible tool and the more concise one. How []

Adhoc Modules: Custom Tasks & Baby Steps Towards Publishing Modules

The adhoc-module Mimosa module is real easy to use and makes adding custom build behavior a piece of cake. It is also a great gateway to learning how to build Mimosa modules that you wish to deploy to NPM for community use. Need Truly Custom Behavior in Your Build? Need []

Using React with Backbone/Require.js/Bower/Mimosa, 1 line of config

This week I rolled out a React compiler for Mimosa. To show off how well the Mimosa and React play together, and how easy it is to get started, I put a demo Todo app together, because, lets face it, its not a thing unless there's a Todo app. The []