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Mimosa vs Gulp/Cake/Grunt/Broccoli?

@mycozycloud put together a blog post a few days back that compared Grunt vs Cake vs Gulp vs Broccoli. It filled up my Twitter feed yesterday. JavaScript Daily posted it. It blew up more.

The winner? Broccoli. Why?

It’s the most flexible tool and the more concise one.

How does Mimosa stand up?

It wins!

Here's a repo with the example app.

This is the config.

exports.config = {  
  "modules": ["coffeescript", "coffeelint", "jshint"]

3 actual lines. 2 real lines. It compiles the CoffeeScript file and tosses in inline source maps for free.

Extra Credit

It will also run CoffeeLint on the CoffeeScript and JSHint on the compiled JavaScript. Go ahead, add a really long line of CoffeeScript and watch CoffeeLint tell you it doesn't care for it: CoffeeLint: Line exceeds maximum allowed length. Then add foo['bar'] = baz and watch JSHint chide you: ['bar'] is better written in dot notation.

And with the extra functionality, the config stays shorter than all the others.

Extra Extra Credit

Want to minify it?

Add minify-js to the list of modules. Run mimosa build -m.


It was a verrrrrrrrrrrry simple, unrealistic test case that was used to compare the various tools.


All this really proves is that given a very poor example, Mimosa blows away the competition for ease of use. The last thing I'm interested in doing is poking at the other tools based on this naive example.

But still, no matter the use case, I think this makes it clear that Mimosa is a contender and is worth consideration.

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