ember.js, es6 modules, and some unfortunate transpiler behavior

It's Ember's Fault In January my team at Berico started doing a lot of work with Ember. We'll probably have a good dozen folks writing Ember apps in the near future. Ember has a steep learning curve, but the higher up that curve we get, the happier we are with []

Mimosa 2.1.4, require.js support improvements, thx r.js + esprima

Mimosa v2.1.4 brings with it something I've procrastinaed on for awhile thinking it would be much harder than it was. v2.1.4 includes mimosa-require v2.0.0 which vastly improves how that module determines your JavaScript code's define and require dependencies/config. How does it improve it []

Making a Mimosa Module

While the site has a lot of documentation on how modules are built with a small walk-through, I wanted to dedicate some serious attention to how easy it is to build something and get it linked into your workflow. Example Module A great way to learn how a module is []

Mimosa 2.0 Released, 2.1 Queued Up

This week Mimosa 2.0 was released. I'm exited to get this release out as it makes Mimosa leaner, meaner, easier to reason about for its users and its maintainer, and a ton easier to maintain long-term. Compiler Refactor The biggest change with this major release is the extraction of []

I can see my blog from here!

Always wanted to start up a dev blog and get what I'm up to down in writing. But anytime I've thought to set one up I've instead decided to hack on code. No matter the reward that might come from blogging, it'll never be as rad as hacking code. Hoping []