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Bumping require.js to latest, but not in Mimosa, yet

Earlier today I released version 3.0.0 of mimosa-require, but I will not be including that version as a default dependency of Mimosa yet.

The version of mimosa-require included with Mimosa by default is 2.2.2. The only significant difference between 2.2.2 and 3.0.0 is the version of require.js inside those modules. 3.0.0 = require.js 2.1.14, 2.2.2 = require.js 2.1.6.

The story is long and complicated, but to keep it short, I won't be updating Mimosa to use require.js 2.1.14 by default until this bug is fixed: https://github.com/jrburke/r.js/issues/629. That bug prevents users of Mimosa who take advantage of mimosa-require's require.optimize.modules config from running optimized builds. Running optimized builds with require.optimize.modules would result in require.js erroring out. A minority of Mimosa users likely use that config, but I want to keep Mimosa's defaults at versions that don't break apps.

The latest require.js, 2.1.14, contains all sorts of improvements over the version Mimosa is currently stuck at, 2.1.6, including wrapShim. If you are not using the require.optimize.modules config, I highly recommend updating your project to use mimosa-require 3.0.0.

"What should I do?"

Not using require.optimize.modules? Then you should upgrade to 3.0.0. Using a specific version of a Mimosa module is easy. Simply update your mimosa-config.js modules array to point at the new version.

In your modules array, update "require" to "require@3.0.0". Here's an example from the Ember skeleton: https://github.com/dbashford/MimosaEmberSkeleton/blob/master/mimosa-config.js#L26

The next time you start up mimosa watch or mimosa build Mimosa will install version 3.0.0 of mimosa-require local to your project. Give that a shot: make the update and then re-run your optimized build to verify it still works.

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