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A web dev blog from a Washington DC based Dad, UI architect, web developer, and creator of Mimosa.


I can see my blog from here!

Always wanted to start up a dev blog and get what I'm up to down in writing. But anytime I've thought to set one up I've instead decided to hack on code. No matter the reward that might come from blogging, it'll never be as rad as hacking code.

Hoping this will be a means to organize my thoughts, and that it will be encouragement to learn new things with enough rigor to be able to get blog entries out about them.

Being that I'm new to this, we'll see how much I struggle with the software. After tinkering with Jekyll a bit, I landed on Ghost. One thing I didn't want this to be was a pain in the ass to manage. Setting this all up and getting it hosted on GitHub was a piece of cake. Should you be interested, check out Ghost and then check out this killer pip package called Buster.

I'm the author of Mimosa and textract so you can probably expect I'll blog heavily about things related to those tools.

So, welcome, hope you stay awhile!

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